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We are so happy to invite you to our web-side. OP Designer Services Ltd is a service written by health and beauty professionals. We are attaining to customer’s needs for a healthy life and making sure that we provide you with the purest product in the World.

After the long term researches and testing we have done, we are delighted to present to you the unique range of life helping products.

“I am Oksana Pryshnivska, the owner and creator of OP Designer Services Ltd. At the very beginning the idea was to help to my father. He had a cataract. The negative risk of the surgery was too high. We were looking for the way of helping him.

The products, I am presenting to you today, have helped us significantly. And, I’m sincerely hoping that it will help you too.”

OP Health products are manufactured in the USA and the UK. They contain the finest ingredients available. We guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied with what we are bringing to you.

We want you to enjoy the life…

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Multi-Pack of 24 Boxes Multi-Pack of 24 Boxes $1,152.00
EZY-Drops Eye Drop Applicator Strips EZY-Drops Eye Drop Applicator Strips $6.00
Brite Eyes IV drops Brite Eyes IV drops $60.00
Ethos elan vital for pets Ethos elan vital for pets $194.00
Bright Eyes drops Bright Eyes drops $99.97
Re-vital-eyes Drops Re-vital-eyes Drops $70.00
Multi-Pack of 50 Boxes Multi-Pack of 50 Boxes $2,250.00
Bright Eyes drops Bright Eyes drops $99.97
Ethos Elan Vital Ethos Elan Vital $194.00
Bright Pet drops Bright Pet drops $99.70
Ethos elan vital for pets Ethos elan vital for pets $194.00
Multi-Pack of 2 Boxes Multi-Pack of 2 Boxes $159.97
Bright Eyes Drops & Ethos Elan Vital Bright Eyes Drops & Ethos Elan Vital $249.00
Bright Eyes drops Bright Eyes drops $99.97
Bright Eyes drops Bright Eyes drops $99.97
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