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Revital Eyes

Ethos 'Re-vital-eyes Capsules'

Zeaxanthin and Lutein Capsules help restore macular pigment density...which declines with age

What is the macula?
The macula (about the size of a pencil eraser) is a tiny, yellowish area near the centre of the retina that allows you to clearly distinguish fine detail.

Eating zeaxanthin-and-lutein rich foods or taking supplements of these carotenoids can restore macular pigment density, which declines with age

The best way to ensure you are getting Zeaxanthin and Lutein is to take Ethos Re-vital-eyes CAPSULES

Recommended Usage:
The recommended intake is one capsule a day. It is also recommended that you take 1g of Ethos Endymion Supplement in powder form daily.

Other Information:
Re-vital-eyes Capsules are 100% safe and are also suitable for use on pets and other animals.

One Ethos Re-vital-eyes Softgel Capsule contains:
Zeaxanthin 5 mg
Lutein 10 mg

Protect your eyesight...once it's gone you can't replace it!

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