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Bright Eyes Capsules

Bright Eyes Capsules


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admin  (Sunday, 11 April 2010)
Rating: 5
"I was able to see better, especially the small details"

Following lengthy treatment at Maidstone Eye Clinic for ulcers in my
eyes I have been eventually cured but was warned of signs of approaching cataract, principally in my left eye and vision in that eye was becoming
particularly misty. I have always had very good eyesight as did my father, mother and grandfather. I did not like the idea of plastic � lenses. The
optician proposed � prescribing long distance lenses to see how things turned out.

I therefore took the 3 month course of bright
eyes as described in �Richard and Judy� on T.V.. I followed the instructions exactly, which is my custom with medicines. I have now completed the
course and my vision is entirely excellent.

As a pensioner my concern is the cost of the treatment if to continue indefinitely. It is
not much but to a pensioner nothing is cheap and I would gladly pay it. I hope we can �spread the word� enough to persuade the Daily Mirror to
press for the treatment to be provided by the NHS. I will write to the Editor.

Mr P. E. Everett, Sevenoaks

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